Meet your 2016-2017 Discoveries Bloggers!

Jenny Ren

Executive Editor

Jenny Ren is a junior from Jones College majoring in Biochemistry and Economics. She hopes to be a pediatrician who also travels the world. In her free time, Jenny conducts diabetes research at Baylor, dances, and drinks smoothies.

Athena XU

Athena Xu is a sophomore from Martel College majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Business. She is constantly trying out new things, including law, business and engineering, and loving them. That’s the major reason why she cannot decide what she wants to do after graduation. When Athena is not exploring new fields, she is probably watching The Good Wife but she is only on season two. She would really appreciate it if people will give her a spoiler alert when talking about how they love(d) the show.

Avanthika Mahendrababu

Avanthika Mahendrababu is a freshman from Brown college currently studying Computer Science. Her interests include researching the booming healthcare informatics scene and disparities of global health care. When she is not studying or dancing, you can find Avanthika exploring bakeries in Houston or pushing her adrenaline capacity to the limit in high-risk adventures around the world.

Caroline Lee

Caroline Lee is a sophomore from Jones College studying Cognitive Sciences - plus a few other things! Her past and current research spans from developing global health diagnostics for infectious diseases to studying genomics policy and ethics to researching health disparities. If she’s not napping or studying, you can find Caroline weightlifting at the Rec or exploring the Houston coffeeshop scene.

Emre Yurtbay

Emre Yurtbay is a freshman from Wiess majoring in Statistics. He enjoys drinking tea, playing his ukulele, and waking up early in the morning. His passion is making sure the laundry room at Wiess is operating at peak efficiency.

Evelyn Syau

Evelyn Syau is a freshman at Jones College interested in Kinesiology and Art History. In her free time (if she’s not catching up on the latest health policy news), she’ll most likely be reading a book, sketching/doodling, or rewatching episodes of Friends and Boy Meets World.

JAck Duryea

Jack is a freshman from Wiess College majoring in Computer Science. Jack enjoys playing the piano, eating chocolate chip cookies, and going on really long runs. After graduation, Jack plans to work in the technology industry and has particular interests in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Kseniya Anishchenko

Kseniya (Kass) Anishchenko is a sophomore at Sid Richardson majoring in Biosciences. When she’s not doing Alzheimer’s research at Baylor, you can find her fawning over micropigs and hedgehogs, wearing fuzzy socks, or talking about how much she loves her home state of Colorado.

Nathanael assefa

Nathanael Assefa is a sophomore from Lovett College majoring in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics. He enjoys studying photonics and solvation thermodynamics. When he’s not studying or sleeping, Nathanael can be found building rockets with Rice Eclipse and visiting museums around Houston.

Shweta Sridhar

Shweta Sridhar is a freshman from Wiess who is exploring Computer Science and the Natural Sciences while deciding on her major. She can usually be found lurking on social media or camping out in Fondren Library. She loves spaghetti, singing karaoke, and spending time with friends. Her dream is to impact at least one person in the world as to where their life is made easier or better in some way, and she hopes this can be accomplished during her time at Rice.

Teja Ravivarapu

Teja Ravivarapu is a sophomore from Sid Richardson College majoring in Biochemistry. In his free time he enjoys watching basketball, eating, and finding creative ways to procrastinate.

Victoria Wittner

Victoria Wittner is a freshman at Sid Richardson College, and she is a Biochemistry major. In her free time, she loves to read—especially science fiction and fantasy, and to travel in the summers. She also sings and writes when she has the time. Victoria plans to do research in genetics in the private sector.